About Todd Cefaratti

Mesa, Arizona, resident Todd Cefaratti connects with his community through philanthropic activities. A former upper management and marketing executive with firms such as National City (now PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.), CTX Mortgage Co., and Bank of America Corporation, Todd Cefaratti contributes his insights and experience to Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church & School, a co-ed private school and church in Gilbert, Arizona. In addition to winning election to its School Board, Todd Cefaratti directs marketing activities for the preschool, elementary school, and church. Todd Cefaratti also performs as President and CEO of reverse mortgage lead provider Glengary Inc. The creator of one of the top reverse mortgage lead providers in the country, Todd Cefaratti provides major mortgage lenders with information about homeowners seeking to receive extra funds based on the equity in their homes. Aside from his work as a marketing consultant, Todd Cefaratti performs as Executive Director for the nonprofit organization TheTeaParty.net. Operating one of the most popular websites devoted to the Tea Party cause, Todd Cefaratti strives to involve more people in the political organization and clear up misconceptions about the Party’s philosophies, goals, and overall mission to promote limited federal government, more states’ rights, and an increased sense of personal responsibility and civic duty. Through the site, Todd Cefaratti signs up tens of thousands of people every week and coordinates national events and tours, some featuring important conservative pundits such as radio host Rusty Humphries. Before entering the business world, Todd Cefaratti attended the University of California Los Angeles on an academic scholarship and studied economics. Subsequently, Todd Cefaratti attended the University of California Irvine for a postgraduate degree in marketing.


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